The LMS App Designed for PK-3rd Grade Learners

Give your students an individualized, differentiated path to mastery and beyond. 

Keep Young Learners Engaged & Autonomous

Give Students Clarity & Choice in their Learning

Create Standards-Aligned, Scaffolded Lessons in Minutes

Every teacher wants their students to be engaged and autonomous.

But there’s a problem…

Students, particularly young ones, are getting lost in overly complicated LMS platforms.

While waiting for guidance from their teachers or parents, students often become disengaged from their learning.

It’s too difficult and time-consuming for teachers to scaffold their lessons for every learner.

indipath gives teachers an easy way to design differentiated lessons and students a simple app to autonomously navigate and manage their own progress toward mastery.

indipath gives students the clarity and choice they need to keep learning at their own pace!

Simple, Easy to Use App Interface

indipath is the only LMS app that prioritizes the student’s learning experience. We have optimized and organized all of the students’ learning objectives and activities in an accessible and fun interface.

Set Learning Goals for Standards Mastery

indipath allows students to track their own progress toward mastery by allowing them to set their own learning goals and earn badges when they reach their goals.

Create and Manage Daily To-Do Lists & Learning Activities

Students access teacher-created learning activities that are aligned to the student’s current level of mastery and create their own daily to-do lists that serve as their personalized pathway for learning.

Designed with non-readers, ELL and SpEd in mind!

indipath isn’t just for PK-3rd grade learners. It’s specifically designed to leverage the accessibility features in iOS so non-readers can learn and share evidence of learning through text-to-speech, speech-to-text, and video.

indipath gives teachers a simple way to quickly create lessons for students at every level of mastery!

Built for Easy Differentiation

The lesson design interface guides teachers through a proactive approach to differentiating standards and resources so that all learning activities and assessments are organized in scaffolded learning tiers that provide every student with an entry point to mastery.

Pre-Leveled Standards Makes Scaffolding a Cinch

indipath’s database of pre-leveled standards allows teachers to quickly design and populate their lessons with differentiated resources and activities in a fraction of the time.

Track Student Progress Toward Mastery in Real-Time

Reporting dashboard shows teachers how their students are progressing, giving teachers just-in-time data to know exactly which students need extra attention.