Baked in Accessibility to Keep Students Learning

indipath was designed from the ground up knowing that not all students learn the same. indipath leverages the latest accessibility features to provide students adaptive & assistive technology that empowers accelerated, autonomous learning in academic core courses and social and emotional learning (SEL) content.

Simple, Intuitive App Design

indipath packages all of the learning into an easy-to-digest, easy-to-navigate user interface that empowers non-readers and English Language students to chart their own, personalized path to mastery.

Text-to-Speech for Non-Readers

Anytime learners come across text in the app, a quick tap of the speaker icon allows them to hear the text. Learners not only avoid getting lost in the question itself, they also have extra support in learning to read simultaneously!


indipath lets learners share their learning with their teachers through speech-to-text functionality that turns their words to text!

*iPad Version Only

Share Your Learning

Learners can easily share what they’ve learned with their teachers through video, allowing teachers to formatively assess their students’ progress toward mastery.

Multi-Language Translation Support*

To experience indipath in another, simply change the language settings on the iPad, and indipath does the language rest!

*iPad Version Only

Accessibility Features Overview